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Discover Unforgettable Summer Adventures: Top-Rated Sandpoint Camps for Kids

Choose Twinlow Camp for the Ultimate Summer Adventure! Our top-rated kids summer camps provide a perfect blend of nature, technology-free bonding, and exciting activities. Unplug, unwind, and discover the joy of lakeside fun with boating, fishing, swimming, and more. Twinlow Camp is your ultimate destination for a summer filled with peace, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences.

Why Choose Twinlow Camp for Your Child’s Summer Adventure?


Conveniently Close

Just a 20-minute drive from Post Falls, Twinlow Camp offers the perfect nearby escape for your child’s summer adventure. Say goodbye to long car rides and hello to lasting memories, all within reach!


Unforgettable Overnight Adventures Await

Your child will dive into a vibrant community, build lifelong friendships, and create lasting memories. From roasting marshmallows to conquering challenges, every moment is crafted for maximum fun and growth.


Diverse Activities for Every Interest

From traditional camp adventures like archery to unique experiences like Arts & Science camp, we have it all. Whether your child loves the outdoors or STEM, every day at Twinlow brings exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery.


Safety First & Secure Enviroment 

Our dedicated staff, equipped with American Red Cross certifications, ensures a secure environment for your child. With comprehensive safety protocols, Twinlow is the ideal choice for peace of mind.


Accessible Memories

Twinlow Camp believes in making summer camp magic available to every child. Offering free programs and scholarships, we ensure that financial constraints never hinder the chance to create cherished memories. For inquiries, contact our director for financial aid or to learn more.


Inclusive Christian Community

Rooted in Christian values, Twinlow Camp welcomes children from all backgrounds and beliefs, fostering an inclusive environment. Our camp prioritizes character development, kindness, and respect for every camper’s unique journey.


Year-Round Fun

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of North Idaho, Twinlow Camp provides a picturesque setting for year-round fun. Campers can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and winter activities like ice hockey and sledding.


Lifelong Skills and Independence

Beyond the fun and games, Twinlow Camp is committed to nurturing valuable life skills. Campers are encouraged to take on challenges, navigate new experiences, and develop a sense of independence, laying the foundation for lifelong growth.

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For more than 94 years, Twinlow has offered summer camps for kids to experience our Creator in a safe place in nature. From June to August, we offer weekly day and overnight programs for children 1st grade through 12th grade. Our summer camps focus on Christian values, nature awareness, and new friendships.


Twinlow staff members are ready to make your reunion, wedding, retreat, or event a stress-free time to relax. We offer a variety of accommodations from peaceful cabins to a hotel-style lodge. Your group will find the perfect lodging arrangement. Don’t want to cook? Good news! We have an excellent kitchen staff who love to make nutritious and tasty meals for your group during your stay.


Twinlow is an American Camping Association accredited camp. This means we care about the safety of our campers and guests, which is why we undergo a thorough peer review of our Camp and Retreat Center every five years, including annual check-ups. We do this to make sure we offer safe, healthy, educational, and engaging programs for all.

“I grew up going to Twinlow as a child, and had nothing short of a great experience. Everything about this place and its staff are amazing.” – Ryan Reeves, September 2021
“I had the pleasure of being a volunteer at one of the summer camps at Twinlow. It was a wonderful experience. The kids had a great time playing on the beautiful lake and connecting with their faith around the campfire. Great place, beautiful scenery, delicious camp food, and even smores!” – Nick Sackman, June 2022
“Twinlow was a beautiful experience! The lake is magical and I was treated with the utmost hospitality by Twinlow. I can’t wait to visit this wonderful retreat again!” – Mary Blue, July 2023

How to Register for Twinlow Camp:


Visit the Twinlow Camp Website

Navigate to the official Twinlow Camp and Retreat Center website for comprehensive information about their programs, activities, and registration process.


Explore Program Options

Browse through the various programs offered by Twinlow, from traditional overnight camps to specialized experiences like QUEST camp. Consider your child’s interests and the duration of the camp that suits your family.


Complete the Registration Process

Follow the straightforward registration process outlined on the website. Ensure you provide accurate information and review any camp requirements.


Prepare for an Unforgettable Summer

Once registered, prepare your child for a summer filled with adventure and growth. Review the camp’s packing list, ensure your child is equipped with the essentials, and anticipate the excitement of their upcoming Twinlow experience.

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Unlock a Summer of Fun: Secure Your Child’s Spot at Twinlow Camp – The Best Overnight Summer Camp near Sandpoint!

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