High School Camp

Grades: 9th - 13th

Sun. - Thu.

Check In 11:00pm


Jul. 7 - Jul. 11

Payment Plans

Peak Fun All Week!

Here’s the thing… TikTok trends come and go, but the memories made at camp last forever. We bring our A Game for this week because we know that your expectations are high. I mean, we are asking you to skip binge watching for a week, so we really ramp up the goods for you. Our best staff, the fastest games, the loudest campfires, and the fanciest of shmanciest dinners. 

Our desire with High School camp is not only for you to have an amazingly fun week, but also to strengthen your faith. We will spend more time digging into the bible stories, have time with the camp pastor to discuss the big questions, and leave room for campers to discuss theology with the stunning lake in the background. 

Here’s what you will be missing out on if you don’t come to the best week of camp we offer: 

  • Tubing
  • Water polo
  • Growing in your faith with an amazing Camp Pastor
  • Fancy Schmancy Dinner (pretty much it’s dinner, but you get to dress up perty)
  • Friendships that you’ll @ all year long 

If you don’t think that is enough, here are a few other things you’ll enjoy during your week as a Crossfire Camper.


  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Inflatable water toys
  • Swimming
  • Campfires
  • Crafts
  • 9-Square in the Air
  • Gaga ball
  • Archery
  • Sports (soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, etc.)
  • Frisbee golf
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Mafunzos (a time to learn something new)
  • Nature Walks
  • Labyrinth
  • Slip n’ Slide
  • Board games
  • Camp store
  • And time to just chill

Let’s Go to Camp!

Click here to learn about the different ways to register for camp:

Dates and Times:

July 7th – July 11th, 2024
Sunday 11:00 am – Thursday 5:00 pm

Camper Info:

Campers entering 9th – 13th grade.



 At Twinlow we believe that everyone should be able to come to camp. We do offer payment plans to help spread out the cost of camp. 


Packing lists, driving directions, and FAQs visit:

Learn how to register your child with our step by step guide with video instructions:

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